To promote and encourage unity amongst affiliate members.




The name of the organization is and shall be THULAMAHASHE SOCIAL CLUB.

�T� SOCIAL CLUB shall be adopted as an official name of this club. 


All members shall abide by this Constitution.




  1. To promote and maintain within ourselves an understanding and appreciation of our social values and responsibilities.
  2. To establish and maintain social relationship amongst ourselves, our relatives and our families.
  3. To promote community involvement.





This club is exclusively male and membership is open to individuals residing around Bushbuckridge. The executive committee may use their own discretion in accepting or declining/refusing membership of an individual. To become an affiliated member, individuals are expected to pay R120.00 as a joining fee. The joining fee is not refundable if a member decides to resign or withdraw.




Members shall pay a monthly fee of R100.00 and the monthly fee shall be reviewed annually. The monthly fee could be paid directly to the treasurer of the club or deposited directly into the club bank account. Deposit slips should be submitted to the treasurer of the club for the purpose of reconciliation and record keeping. A member automatically dismisses himself from the club, if he fails to honour three (3) consecutive monthly payments. A once off payment covering all the months in a year is also acceptable or permissible.





The club shall have a bank account. The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be the official signatories. The treasurer shall be accountable for all the transactions in the club bank account.





1. Financial assistance in the form of loans shall be granted.

2. 10% interest on loans shall be payable or charged.

3. Loan granted shall not exceed R500.00 per member at each transaction.

4. The loan granted is payable within 3 months.

5. No loan shall be granted to a member not in good standing or who is in


6. Trips and other functions shall be subsidized

7. In case of death the following shall apply:-


7.1 Death of member � member shall contribute R200.00

7.2 Death of spouse � member shall contribute R100.00

7.3 Death of child � member shall contribute R100.00

7.4 Death of parent � member shall contribute R50.00

7.5 The money for the contributions of the decease as classified above will be deducted from the club bank account.

7.6 Members are expected to visit the bereaved family to offer condolences and

      labour assistance.


8. In case of a party (graduation, engagement, house warming) or a wedding,

    each member shall pay R20.00

9. Members are expected to visit a sick member to offer moral and spiritual





-  The club shall meet once a month.

-  The hosting of the meetings will be rotated amongst the members.

-  For each meeting, members will be expected to pay R30.00 for catering.

-  The fee should be given to the host 3 days before the meeting.

-  No alcohol will be consumed during the formal proceedings of the meetings.

-  Only written apologies will be entertained during the meetings

-  The formal proceedings of each meeting will not last for more than 2 hours at


-  Agenda items for each meeting should be forwarded to the Secretary, a week

   before the meeting

-       Minutes of each meeting to be prepared and distributed two weeks after the meeting.




1.  Chairperson

2.  Deputy Chair

3.  Secretary

4.  Deputy Secretary

5.  Public Relation Officer

6.  Treasurer


The Executive Committee shall remain in the office for the period of 12 months and can only be removed from office if a motion of no confidence is passed.





The Executive Committee shall consists of members elected by affiliated members at a general meeting.


The executive must draw-up agendas for meetings, in consultation with the members.


The Executive Committee shall give a final decision on every issue that may have reached a deadlock through proper mechanism.


It is the duty of this committee to steer the organization in the direction that will ultimately reach the aims and objectives of the organization.


Application for membership must be scrutinized by this committee.


The Executive Committee has the right to suspend, expel any member of the social club found guilty of any offence by the D.C.


The executive may take a decision prior consultation with the members.












1.  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings, opens and close.

2.  He shall sign the minutes after adoption

3.  He shall maintain discipline and order during all the meetings

4.  He shall put motions (proposals) to vote.

5.  He may use his second vote to end a deadlock when there are equal votes for and against a motion.

6.  He shall organize the available time so that adequate discussion of issues can take place once each member is sure about the nature of the item.

7.  He shall politely curbs over � enthusiastic members and encourages the withdrawn/uncertain members

8.  He shall ensure that the meeting achieves some form of finality so that a ruling can be given or a policy is defined and decisions are taken.

9.  He shall be a co-signatory of financial matters of the club.

10. He shall dissolve the Executive Committee as and when a need arises but should be in consultation with the other members.



The deputy Chairperson shall in the absence of the chairperson act in his place with all delegated powers.




-  He shall compile and distribute minutes

-  He shall sign the minutes after adoption

-  He shall issue invitations or any other correspondence.

-  Shall present apologies in all meetings.

-  Shall liaise with the host regarding logistics e.g. venue, catering, etc.


The deputy Secretary shall in the absence of the Secretary act in his place with all delegated powers.





-  He shall collect and deposit money for the Club

-  He shall keep records of all financial transactions

-  He shall give a financial report in all meetings.

-  He is accountable to members on all financial matters.

-  He is responsible for preparing financial statement for presentations.

-  He is a co-signatory of the financial matters of the Club.







-   To promote the image of the Club.

-   To protect the integrity of the Club.

-   To promote community involvement.




The following procedures shall apply:-


-  The Chairperson shall determine whether the attendance of the day forms a quorum, if it does, he shall declare the meeting official. The quorum is 2/3 of all members.

-  On opening, the meeting shall observe a moment of silence.

-  The host shall welcome the members.

-  The agenda shall be confirmed. Members are encouraged to keep the agenda or items under discussion else the Chairperson shall rule the speaker � member out of order.

-  The chairperson shall pass remarks.

-  The Secretary shall present the apologies (written only).

-  Roll call shall be controlled.

-  Minutes of the previous meeting shall be entertained or dealt with.

-  Any member shall move for the adoption of the minutes not withstanding correction, omission and addition and he shall be seconded.

-  Matters arising from the minutes shall be discussed.

-  The BUSINESS OF THE DAY shall be dealt with.

-  Announcement(s) shall be made.

-  On closure, the meeting shall observe a moment of silent.




The following code of conduct shall be applicable to all members irrespective of position or status within the Club:


-       All members are expected to uphold the integrity, unity and reputation of the club and its constitution.

-       No member shall absent himself from meetings without prior � written apology. A member who is found guilty of such misconduct shall be referred to the Club disciplinary committee.

-       Members must be punctual at all meetings.

-       Executive members may meet anytime when as when a need arises.

-       Members are expected to be clean and presentable when attending the meetings.

-       No member shall be allowed to take intoxicants or liquor before and during the meeting.

-       All members shall pay all fees agreed upon.

-       No member shall talk ill about the Club which can eventually lead the Club into disrepute.

-       No member shall at public places remonstrate with his club mate.

-       A member is expected to have and create a healthy and harmonious atmosphere between him, club mates and executive committee members.

-       A member is expected to have self-respect inside and outside the club.

-       No member shall disobey or disregard an order or instruction given to him by any person or body having authority to give it, by word or by conduct display insubordination.

-       All members are expected to abide by the rules and laws of the club.

-       In the event of a member having any grievance or problem with the club, he shall bring the grievance through the proper channels i.e. Chairperson or any executive member.






-       Any member faced with disciplinary procedure shall receive a due written notice of hearing and of the basic allegation against him and be afforded a reasonable opportunity to make his defense.

-       Disciplinary procedure shall not be brought as a means of solving private problems or as means of interfering with private lives of member where the norms of the club is not directly affected.

-       Disciplinary procedures shall be confined to violation of basic principles and norms of the club, and not used as means of stifling debates or denying member their basic democratic rights.

-       The Disciplinary Committee can recommend that a member be deprived of the rights and privileges he enjoys as a member, to refuse him further admission temporarily or to allow him, further admission subject to payment of pecuniary fine not exceeding R50.00 if the conduct of such a member is detrimental to the club.

-       A member whose rights and privileges have been deprived by the Disciplinary Committee shall forfeit all claims to repayment, rebate or remissions of fees paid or payable.

-       Any member adversely affected by the outcome of a hearing, shall have the right to have the matter reviewed by the Executive Committee within 5 days from the date of the decision of the disciplinary committee.

-       Penalties for proven violation of the constitution, principles, norms and decision of the club shall include reprimand, reproof, payment of fines, and or the performance of useful tasks, suspension and capital punishment i.e. EXPULSIONS.

-       Members who fail to pay their monthly premiums, fines and repayment of loan shall be brought before the Disciplinary Committee and shall be regarded as members not in good standing until they bring their arrears up to date.




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